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Protect Health Care

( โพรเทค เฮลท์แคร์ )

Protect Health Care (www.Protect-HealthCare.com)

Main duty of the Protect Health Care (PTCH) is to provide products which can help Thai citizens gain protection from Covid-19 virus at a reasonable price possible, such as masks, which are still hard to procure. Doctors who treat Covid-19 patients don’t have a mask to use. Normally, doctors need to use a N99 mask or at least N95 but in the present, as of March 2020, there was a sudden shortage of masks and even other equipment such as protective clothing, hand cleansing gels, and many medical equipment.

Protect Health Care (PTHC) will be an important part to help Thai citizens procure equipment that will protect them from Covid-19, with the cooperation from China, chinese enterprises, and many factories from China that gladly join with PTHC. In the present, Chinese factory got many orders for protective equipment against Covid-19 from all around the world, but PTHC, with the relationship between countries, manage to procure quotas of equipment that can provide protection against Covid-19 virus for thai citizens, doctors, and medical staff as fast as possible.

Protect Health Care (PTHC) will fight the battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19) with every thai citizen. We will make it through.